Scalp Treatments

what’s important when it comes to scalp care? Our hairs being just as important as our skins and a hair spa treatment to pamper our scalps just as necessary for beautiful hairs.


1. Anti Dandruff Dose (For Dandruff Prone , Itchy Scalp)

This two step service is designed to eliminate dandruff and relieve discomfort on your scalp.

clear-doseTreat with Clear Dose
Enriched with Glycolic Acid + Zinc Pyrithione, it deeply treats dandruff and prevents it from re-appearing leaving your scalp clean and fresh.





Treat with Inner Spa
Enriched with Piroctane Olamine, this treatment prevents dandruff and soothes the scalp.

Perfect with Instant Clear at home

Eliminate visible Flakes with this clarifying shampoo, specifically designed for those with dandruff to leave your scalp feeling clean and fresh.




2. Anti Hair Loss Treatment (For Hair Loss)

In two steps this serum acts at the roots to stimulate activity and work for better anchorage of the hair in the scalp.

aminexil-advancedTreat with Aminexil Advanced
This Combines the effects of Aminexil and Omega 6 to provide a stimulating effect so that there is stronger and well-anchored hair growth.



Perfect with Density Advanced Shampoo and Aminexil at home. It works to keep the hair looking fuller and revitalised and helps extend the life of 8000 hairs in 42 days.density-advanced-shampoo-and-aminexil






3. Pure Balance Treatment  (For Oily Scalp)

A three step cleaning and detox programme. Your scalp looks healthy and breathes anew.

inner-spaTreat with Inner Spa
Empowered with Vitamin E acetate, this refreshes the scalp through an anti-oxidation effect leaving it deeply cleansed.


Perfect with Pure Resource at homepureresourceshampoo
This purifing aqua crystal shampoo lifts residue and prevents build-up. It rinses away hard-water residue to leave the scalp feeling clean, nourished and protected.






4. Sensi – Calm Treatment (For Irritated / Dry scalp)

In two steps, this service soothes and moisturises your scalp while protecting it against harsh external factors. Dry and sensitised scalps are left feeling refreshed.

inner-spaTreat with  Inner Spa
The action of Glycerin softens and moisturizes the irritated scalp leaving a soothing sensation.

Perfect with Sensi Balance at home
A gently cleaning, scalp-comforting shampoo moisturises to soothe and improve the scalp’s tolerence levels and refresh in one step.sensi-balance